StreetReach Atlanta

With an overwhelming need to serve those who have been forgotten, StreetReach Atlanta began May, 2015. We have found that those living in the Thomasville area of Atlanta had so many needs. We discovered abject poverty, lack of the fundamental necessities, food, clothing and shelter.

With the need identified, we pursued the call. We began bringing message of hope to the families. Every other week a team of 10+ drove to Atlanta and shared, fed and loved on a community.

We began to see the housing situation as another need, so we mobilized by assisting single mothers in bringing their homes up to a livable standard. We were able to completely clean, paint and provide household goods and furniture to ensure the family had a habitable place to dwell.

Each week we reach approximately 120+ children and 15+ parents.

We could use your help. It is impossible to attend the many need of this community. You can help through financial contribution and furniture donations.